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Poker is known to be a game of skill, a card game played in various forms throughout the world. There are different ways and types of this game. The game on live22 ออโต้  is all about deal, betting, hands etc.

And yeah we will go through and will know all these things one by one…So keep reading…


Of course we should know from where a thing has originated from before indulging in it. So basically this card game’s originis traced back in the 10th century by a Chinese emperor, while the other beliefs are that they are originated in Persia while some others says its belonging from Europe. It kind of doesn’t even matter from where a card game has been originated but we have come upon that this game is in the world from long years.

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Before playing this card game you should be informed about different components it holds… So here it is: –

  • Hands: – A deck of five cards in the game is called as a hand. There are different types of hands in this game, like: – No Pair, Straight etc.
  • Betting: – This is the concept which is most important which makes the game wild and exciting. Everyone gets the chance to bet but it’s necessary to know when to bet…
  • Betting rounds: – A betting round is completed when everyone playing the round has made the bets.
  • Players: – The number of players can range from 2 to 14 while 6,7and 8 are thought to be the best number of players throughout.
  • Chips: – These are small token shaped currency, used to make bets. There are different colors of chips, like: -white,red, blue etc.
  • Banker: – There is a player assigned as banker to keep a check of stock of chips, chips used, cash paid for chips etc.
  • Betting limits: – There are different types of betting limits which follows particular system… For example: – fixed limits, pot limits etc.
  • Time Limit: – For every individual time is very important, therefore we have to respect to time in this game too.

Points to hold on: –

  • Poker is only for people 18 or above years of age.
  • Be ready to take risks.
  • This game can be played both in virtual and reality.
  • Take time to learn.