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There are two ways you can implement to achieve marked cards; you can either buy a pen with invisible ink or a kit of luminous ink. Marked cards for sale are available, but they also come with their pros and con which we are going to discuss on this article. Sometimes marking cards may get quite tedious, however, can still save you lots of money. The following are advantages and disadvantages of using marked cards option:


A positive impact of using this option is so affordable, and you can use your way to mark them. So to add, letter, symbol, the number would be entirely routine to your requirements. The disadvantage of choosing marked cards option is more time related and experience. Painting one cards deck may consume around 4 to 6 hours, and if the experience factor is added, the deck will become messy.

Difficult to process

The option of processing marked cards is quite difficult since it takes hours, and you can try over and over again to learn the perfection process. Additionally, they can only use paper-based luminous ink such as Bee and Bicycle. Two efficient products of using this option can be either UV per of luminous ink or kit of bright ink.

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Buying from a Magician supplier

The options for purchasing a marked card from magician are mostly so costly. However, their products are less stressful and good quality. The following are reviews of using this option:

They are easier to click the button and order one, three-pack; five packs or even order ten packs of the marked cards. The stressing level is reduced with no experience required. The marked cards will be professionally delivered rewrapped to appear brand new. Virtual any deck can also be painted on there is no need for worrying about other particular brand option.

Using Infrared sunglasses

Marked cards are unseen with naked eyes, yet they can still be clearly seen using the best quality infrared sunglasses or equipped infrared contacts. The marking is permanent, so they can never fade. The only challenge of using these devices is their high financial cost. After the review of 5 different sellers, the average price of using marked cards is around $50.

It implies the average cost to bundle three decks is around $125, and the average price of 10 decks is equivalent to $325. Research conclusion clearly indicates that the most affordable cost is the magician supplier know as How-to-Mark Cards.


Texas Holdem cheating company recommend using marked cards which is much more beneficial and obvious much more expensive since it requires no skills or effort. On the other hand, using mark-it-yourself choice is less costly, but it requires little labour. So, it is up to you to choose your suitable option.