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A very engaging game, Fish, Prawn, Crab, known locally by the Chinese where its origin is, also as The Hoohey how game. The game is based on the principle of gambling, with very efficient use of a dice that is of Chinese origin. This game can be played both on the online mode or even be played live in any of the casinos of Asia or the world. This game very much resembles another dicegame called the ‘Sic Bo,’ a more popular variant, which is played in a large number of casinos all around the globe. The name in itself is a very intriguing one- fish prawn crab.

So to help cure any of the curiosity that you might have about this game, here are some of the things you may like to know about น้ําเต้าปูปลา.

Rules of the game

The more authentic and cultural version of the game typically used a total number of three dies, that would consist of six pieces in total, like any other cube would, except the only differentiating factor is, instead of numbers that are present on a regular dice to represent every face, there exists one character on each side of the dice. Easily enough, you may see that the star characters of these dice ash – the fish and drawn along with the crab. Apart from these are other characters: this tag, the coin, the gourd, and the rooster. Hence, in conclusion, we can say that these characters-เกมน้ำเต้าปูปลาได้เงินจริง.

Online Casinos

  • To begin the game, the dealer picks up the dice and places all of them on a kind of the saucer
  • Individuals placing their bets are then required to do so on the layout of betting. Once everyone has done and place their bets, the dealer is required to pick the dice up back from their previous positions and rolls the dice
  • The dice are then put back on the same layout, and the bowl, in which the same dice were previously rolled is pickup up to uncover what symbols have come up
  • Every bet that matches the symbols that have come up scores an amount of pay-out
  • For the results, For every dice with the symbol that the player has placed his bet on, he receives a specific pay-out. To clear it out, for one symbol that matches, the player is paid. For one, he is paid once, and for two, he is paid two, and so on

Other variants of the game

Apart from its resemblance to ‘Sic Bo’ also shares several similarities with other games that are enjoyed worldwide. The Variant from the United States of this game is known as Chuck-a-luck, also called birdcage. Like the other one, this game also constitutes three dice, Although it may have a few differences.