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It has the usual name for a fixed-odds poker game that is from a five-card draw. It is being played in online and traditional casinos. But more often it is introduced as the poker slots. Hence it has a little difference from slots. Slot games are a skill element to video poker. It includes the hand that you are dealing with that corresponds to the hand rankings.

How do you play video poker games?

It has different games although they have one of the easiest games which is the five-card draw. You have a five-card poker in your hand. You need to decide which cards you are keeping and which aren’t. You need to throw away the cards that you don’t want to keep and get new cards to complete the final hand. You can have these steps on how to play the game.

  • Make a deposit credit to your video poker machine
  • Make a bet
  • Click on a deal to get your five-card poker hand
  • Throw away cards that it is not useful
  • Get a new card from the virtual deck
  • Winnings are being paid that corresponds to the paytable

How are you able to win it?

There is a certain way to win at this game. It has a lot of ways to give yourself a chance to win the game. You better play the game with the useful RTP percentage. It is hard to play each hand in a perfect manner. But all the players can have a chance to win payouts. By being wise on how to enhance their hand that corresponds to the poker hand rankings.

What are the types of video poker?

It has different types of video poker slots and you can also check the best video poker games. You can have here the most known different games in online casinos.

Deuces wild

In this game, the twos are the wild. It means once they appear in a hand they can be a replacement to any card to win you in the game.

Double bonus

It is another game that is only concentrating on Jacks or better. But there are bonuses that are given for four aces.

Jacks or better

It is a known version of the game. It is named because a pair of jacks or better is the least winning hand.

Bonus poker

It is also based on the Jacks or better. Bonus poker is giving out bonuses for four-of-a-kind cards.