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Playing slots at local casino is a common thing. Many people enjoy playing slots whenever they go for a vacation round the world. Now you can play slots online from your home too. A computer an internet connection is what all you need to play slots online being comfortably placed on your favourite chair.

Coming to playing slot machines online, you have number of choices. Various software platforms provide three reel and five reel machines to jackpot, bonus and video progressive payouts. You can either download entire software suite that contains hundreds of games or you can play without downloading that opens the game of your choice on the computer screen and u need to click of the mouse.

You can start by searching for online slots on any of the search engines. Once you get a place to buy, you can either download the software by getting registered by an account or you need to sign up for an account to play the free version. mega888 online malaysia is one such online slot machine that provides you a free version. You need to create an account that need an email and it takes relatively few minutes. You need to search all the slot machines to find out the one you like to try, once you have an account and software with you. You can test a bunch of slot machines by pay money balance that is provided to you, so, try as many as you can and have fun. If you ever run out of money while playing for free, you can play again by reloading your account. This is the best part about playing the free version.

Start with playing conventional three reel machine as it is easy to play without getting confused and you will get little overwhelming by all the possible choices.  These types of games are familiar and known by most of the people. These games are easy to understand and are easy to play. You will get confused once you start playing multi reel video and multi line slots. You will find limited number of symbols and three different wheels in 3 reel slot machine. Many popular and famous slot machines have pictures of fruits. Amongst the other fruits, well known fruit machines contain oranges and cherries. You can win by getting 3 of the same fruit across the centre pay line to line up.