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Many players are playing hard to win a game. But, it is not the only concern of all players; some of them are concerned about the security of where they played. Of course, there is nothing more rewarding than a trustworthy game field. How can you have the guarantee to claim and receive all the winning prizes, rewards, and bonuses if you are not playing on a legit game server?

Playing in a legit server with your favorite poker game helps a lot on your end. First, you are sure that the money you deposited goes into your account and nothing else. Plus, a safe and secured game field is provided when playing pkv games poker.

Become a poker winner!

You are playing poker for a long time, yet you are not winning that much. So, you have started wondering how long it takes before winning more money from the poker game. A quick answer: A player needs to take 3-24 months to master the game and become a consistent winner in the online poker game. Variables are affecting how long it takes of becoming a winner, such as:

    • Time
    • Strategy
    • Sources of strategy
    • Intelligence
  • Fast learner
  • Stakes

A player can progress and become a consistent winner for just a few months.

Determine yourself as a player and win

A player comes into three levels according to the win rate. Now, which level you are in?

  • A super quick learner. If you have been playing for 3-6 months and now good at playing poker, then this level is where you belong. A player plays a minimum of three hours daily. Reading quality strategy for the poker game is what in this level is performed. The player usually watched strategy videos and get involved in a training site. Investing in poker software to analyze the play regularly.
  • Hard worker. If you have been playing well for 8-12 months, then this is your level. Play plays around ten hours of poker weekly and tries its best to think logically with any decision. It usually browses poker forums to take advice but never participates in the discussions. A hard worker player is genuinely interested to read about poker strategy and reads for an hour. Poker tools are also used but know the basics of it. It subscribes to a training site and casually watch poker training videos. A hard worker player has the same passion as the super quick learner to learn poker game.
  • Casual player. If you have been playing for 18-24 months and still wants to win, this is your level. A casual player wants to win and plays two-three hours of poker weekly. The player plays a fair amount of time while even at home and thinks logically. But, doesn’t put intelligence into the poker. It only spends time browsing poker forums after playing for about a year, yet not created an account. It usually Googled several strategies related topics but not reading frequent strategy. It doesn’t believe that much on the training site not trustworthy to spend. The player bought a poker tool yet does not usually use it to keep track of losses and wins.