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Football stats cover all the major and minor football leagues and cups covering all the teams participated. The match data will be calculated and generated. There are different online sites which provide analysis of in play statistics which will enable the bettors to know at which point of the match the team will score.  Sports betting will also provide football stats to the wagers to give an idea for the punters while placing the wager.

Soccer stats: Football stats and predictions will be provided by the ผลบอลสด in the form of clean sheets, league tables, in play data, form tables, BTTS status, yellow/Red cards, goals pre-match, goals/ match for players, corner stats and conceded pre-match. There are endless possibilities with these data and the sites also provide odds to compare against the stats to make sure it provides value. The data available will enable the bettors to do their own stat analysis such as model based predictions and machine learning.

Data update frequency:  certain sites update data within in 10-20 minutes of the completion of the match and others may take a day or week to do the same.


Importance of football data in making predictions: The statistics available are used for the football predictions by the bettors and it will enable the bettors to get them right most of the times.  The sites providing the complete data will be useful for making assumptions about the match outcomes is going to be.

Accurate football predictions: Some sites will provide football predictions as the part of their service and their data based predictions will be updated on daily basis with accuracy and high yield soccer predictions.  Soccer predictions will always contain logic and explanation supporting the predictions. By going through the data provided the wagers apart from getting accurate predictions, will also learn to think the ways of making future predictions.

The sites apart from providing stats and predictions are now utilizing the technical know-how to expand the services by providing the data in the form of app so that the bettors can make complete use of it.  The stats are provided for major leagues soccer and other competitions.

Complete data provided by the online gambling sites will enable the wagers to use the data for football betting predictions. The data will include data for team, data for league, and also head to head comparison. The stats available will be a great use for the wagers as the source can be used for research and can be used as the source for predictions in future.