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On the web, you will cross the road of thousands of online casino players and everyone will go in his opinion: “this casino is better than this one, it is more advantageous”. But in the end, it’s up to you to choose your online casino and I can tell you that it’s not a simple task. Of course, you could totally trust me and choose an establishment that I recommend but I think it is also important for you to choose on your own, in any case, to know how I make my selection to judge the quality of my choice.

Choose the online casino that will fully meet your needs

For me, what’s important to know are the criteria that matter to you. Let’s be clear, what matters to you may not be for the next player, you are all different and this is the wealth of the online casino. Online casinos are very numerous and very different, and despite everything, there are points of similarities.

When you want to play online casino, you have to know where you want to play. And there, you have two solutions: either you do the tests of the casinos which will honestly take you too much time because between the inscription, the game, the withdrawals, etc., you will not even have not the opportunity to enjoy, either you trust me and read my online casino reviews, I’ve tested them all for you and trust me, some are to be avoided. I give you the best addresses of the net in exclusivity.

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Do not necessarily trust a new online casino

What I take into account at the very beginning to know if the casino is reliable, it is the opinions of the other players who will make me understand in a few readings if the casino pays the players or not. In the case of a dishonest casino that does not pay when you win, I do not see why I will take the time to analyze the rest. You agree? So, for me, the reputation for payments is the main thing. After all, when we win, what we want is to be paid right away, right?

Gambling sites are not equal for casino games

If I am reassured at the level of payments, then I will be interested in casino games that operators offer. The quality of the games depends a lot on the game publishers that the casino uses. I know for example that for me, impossible to register on a casino that does not have NetEnt or Betsoft slot machines, they are the only two developers I like. After that, it’s according to what you like to play but games should be one of your priorities because it’s still fun to play at the เว็บสล็อต.

Detect the best deals when we talk about casino bonuses

For me who loves to play with bonuses, so that’s the next point. I always check the promotional offers that the casino puts in place to find out if I will find anything to do on the site. For me, a good bonus is a high rate with almost zero conditions, but hey, that’s almost utopian.